A dangerous new disease has appeared which produces Zombie-like symptoms in the infected. In order to fight it and win you must use the information that appears in your information pane to help you make decisions. The buttons will allow you to open the game control and information panes. Your tab key may be used to navigate to each button and control. The sliders in the game control pane may be manipulated with your arrow keys.


You have four strategies you may employ:

  1. Quarantine: You may spend money to deploy troops and law enforcement to seal off infected areas to try and keep the infection from spreading as rapidly. This strategy may be helpful in the beginning of the emergency, but its effectiveness drops off radically after about eight turns.
  2. Barrier Nursing: Alternatively, you can spend money to provide health care workers with military-grade protective gear, making it harder for the infection to spread in treatment environments. Like quarantines, this strategy is only good for buying time and its effectiveness is reduced after eight turns. Use your information sources to see whether this or quarantine will be more effective in a particular game.
  3. Distribute Medicine: Once you have successfully researched a treatment, you can distribute it to fight the infection. You can always distribute medicine before you reach that point, although they will have little effect until you find a treatment proven to work against the Zombie virus.
  4. Research: To stop the Zombie infection you have to find an effective treatment. Not all potential treatments are created equally, however. Some will take so long to research that you will never finish in time. Some may be useless. Use your information resources to decide what treatment (or treatments) you should focus on.

You have four treatments to research:

  1. Experimental Anti-Virals: New classes of anti-viral drugs which may be able to stop the infection in its tracks!
  2. Vaccine: The reliable technology of vaccines is tough to beat. Use the tool that eradicated much of human disease to stop the Zombie Emergency!
  3. Next Generation Interferon: An exotic treatment, interferon has proven useful in treating viruses. By modifying its molecular structure, you may be able to produce a new form of interferon that the Zombie infection is powerless against!
  4. Buy the Aegis Drug: The BioSymp Corporation has announced that its top scientist has developed an experimental drug capable of stopping most viruses. This medicine has not been tested against the Zombie virus, and has not been approved by the FDA, but it may be worth the risk. BioSymp will sell it to you if you give them enough research money.

Information Sources:

Your information pane will post information from three sources:

  1. PubMed: PubMed is the premier database for medical research. These article abstracts may not make for easy reading, but they have the latest and best information from the medical community.
  2. Medline Plus: Designed for consumers, Medline Plus has the latest information from sources like the National Library of Medicine and the CDC. This information is easier to read than what you can find in PubMed, but the information is not quite as in-depth.
  3. Internet Headlines: Trending web headlines on topics relating to the emergency. These articles are like most things on the web . . . some are useful, some are not, and some of the information here is outright dangerous.

Click on the confirm button to start a new game.

There is no hope and no cure. Zombies will now take over the world.

Things are getting bad out there! If you can't turn it around soon humanity is doomed! Are you using your information sources?

Great job! Thanks to you the world is safe from flesh eating zombies . . . for now!

Your Research Is Now Complete!

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